Newsies Full Production Costumes

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Your cast will be taking to the streets of New York City with our stage-ready costumes! We’ve got costumes for all of your Newsies as they sell papes and insight rebellion through the alleys and rooftops in Manhattan. Our costumes are handmade and custom sized to your cast, and your entire plot can be incredibly affordable for your production! Give us a call to start your costuming journey with us today!

If you are interested in renting the set and any of the hand painted set pieces, please reach out to us as well. Renting the full platformed set with the comic graphic, and two turning panels (Medda’s theater on one side and Santa Fe painting on the other) is quick and easy, and for just $550, you won’t have to stress about building or making hardly anything!

Costumes designed by: Allison Angilello